Get in the MIX

NAPFA members agree that MIX Groups (Membership Information EXchange) are one of the organization’s best member benefits. A MIX group is a professional group where like-minded members nationwide can focus on a business problem that needs solving, or on topics that benefit from collaboration among Fee-Only financial advisors.

NAPFA has more than 50 MIX groups and can help you create one by promoting it to your peers and giving you a few tools to get started. Most MIX groups meet regularly virtually and may hold an occasional in-person meeting. Your MIX group can even earn NAPFA CEs - ask how!

If you are interested in starting a MIX group, or adding members to your existing MIX group, please complete this brief application. The more specific you are, the better your chances of finding advisors who are the best fit for your MIX group.

Start a MIX Group

You’ll choose your group members from the respondents, and NAPFA can work with those you don’t select to start their own groups. NAPFA recommends 7-10 members per MIX group, and that you select a couple more people than that to allow for the natural attrition that tends to occur initially due to time zones, etc. In your application, you may wish to include an initial meeting date/time about 8 weeks out that’s convenient for you, to save yourself some scheduling later.

If you have any questions regarding MIX Groups please contact